What is the Freundeskreis?

The Freundeskreis is a non-profit association (registered since 1993) with volunteer members and helpers, which was founded in 1991 by committed parents to support and promote the Ikarus Elementary School.

What does the Freundeskreis do?

The Freundeskreis has set itself the goal of supporting the Ikarus Primary School ideally, materially and practically – both in the form of financial support for projects and acquisitions, and in the form of active help with activities. This includes e.g.

Support for free workshops (gymnastics workshop, computer workshop, theater workshop)
Support for class trips or school excursions
Participation in purchases (computer, light and sound system, bench and table combinations, games) and projects (flying carpet, art project, circus project)
Activities at events such as flea market, bicycle course, sports festival, theater project, school enrollment party, Halloween party, summer and winter festival
Sponsorship of swimming badges

Where do the funds come from?

The income of the Freundeskreis comes from members’ contributions (membership costs € 15 per year for families and € 7.50 for single parents), donations and from activities at various events (e.g. selling cakes, tickets, etc.).

How can I support the Freundeskreis?

A better question would be: how can I support my children, nieces, nephews or grandchildren at Icarus Elementary School? The answer is simple:

  1. become a member – join! Register online right here.
  2. and recruit more members! (e.g. with relatives, friends and acquaintances)

The more people are active in the community of the Freundeskreis, the better it is for our children.

Anyone who would like to learn more is welcome at our regular meetings or can find out more in a personal conversation with Freundeskreis members.

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