Next Freundeskreis Meeting on February 21st, 2024

The next meeting of the Freundeskreis will be held on Wednesday, February 21st, 2024 starting at 7 pm in the multipurpose room of the Ikarus Elementary School. Those who are attending for the first time are welcome to come at 6:30 pm, then we will give you a little insight into our work

We improve the teaching

With the money from the Freundeskreis document cameras have already been purchased for some classrooms.

These cameras enable the teachers to teach in completely different ways and make it possible to work in books that would otherwise be impossible to finance.

Violence prevention course

Every year, a violence prevention course is held at the Ikarus Elementary School by the cooperation partner kokitu. The Freudeskreis usually pays one third of the costs so that every child can really take part.

Co-financing of the circus project

Once in the six years at Ikarus Elementary School, every child should have the opportunity to participate in the circus project. For this, the children go to circus training every day for a week and at the end of the week there is a two-hour performance in front of a sold-out house with hundreds of spectators.

The children still talk about this experience years later. The Freundeskreis takes over a considerable part of the costs each time in order to really make this great experience possible for all the children.

Schoolyard design

A gray schoolyard can look uninviting. However, a lot can be achieved with small measures. This is where the membership fees and donations of the Friends come in, since there are usually no money pots from the state or district for such small beautifications.

Raised beds

The raised beds purchased by the Freundeskreis enable after-school teachers to conduct exciting gardening projects with the children in the afternoon. The children see how certain herbs, fruits and vegetables grow and can reap the rewards of their work themselves.

Financing of the school jerseys

Every year, the school participates in various sports events – including the mini-marathon. To create a sense of community, uniform jerseys were purchased for the school with the help of the Freundeskreis.

“The Freundeskreis is an important part of the school community at our Ikarus Elementary School. Its dedicated involvement opens up valuable additional opportunities for the students, teachers, eFöB and school management in shaping school life.”

Daniela Lobenberg – Principal

Our building blocks


Our membership fees and donations enable us to make purchases for school and after-school care. In addition, we finance projects completely or proportionally so that the costs for pupils are significantly lower.


We help with the implementation of events around the school. At festivities, at the enrollment ceremony, or in the redesign of classrooms: the Freundeskreis is always ready with helping hands.


The Freundeskreis is the contact for the school management, the after-school program, the teachers and the parents. We help with our network and our experience to simplify school operations.